HYFIX provides low-cost centimeter-accurate positioning solutions

HYFIX develops IoT-friendly low-cost embedded software and hardware solutions for centimeter accurate GNSS. The MobileCM and EmbedCM product lines utilize the latest dual-band GNSS chip-sets. HYFIX also manufactures plug-and-play GEODNET basestations and supports RTK and PPP algorithms using GEODNET data streams.

  • EmbedCM SDK

    EmbedCM is an embedded high-accuracy positioning engine that runs on modern low-cost dual-band GNSS chipsets. EmbedCM supports RTK, UDR, and ADR on ST Teseo V, Broadcom/Synpatics, and Airoha platforms, and Quectel's family of LC79 and LC29 dual-band IoT GNSS modules

  • MobileCM Rover

    MobileCM Rover Kit is a low-cost RTK -enabled receiver for low-cost battery operated applications. The MobileCM Rover at less than one pound (<0.5kg) can run for a full day on a single battery charge. The shipping date for the rover edition is TBA.