GEODNET Space Weather Network

GEODNET is a blockchain-based reference network of cryptographically-secured GNSS receivers located throughout the world.  GEODNET was introduced to the world at the Institute of Navigation 2021 Conference where it received a Best Presentation Award.

HYFIX has developed a cost-effective basestation for the Global Earth Observation Decentralized Network (GEODNET).  

Industry Compatible Networking

HYFIX's MobileCM Rover Edition and the EmbedCM software stack supports global standards including both the NTRIP standard and the RTCM standard.  MobileCM Rover RTK receivers and EmbedCM enabled RTK modules can not only receive corrections from GEODNET, but they are also compatible with any NTRIP networks including:

  • Swift Navigation (USA, Western EU, and select Asian locations)
  • Verizon Hyperprecise (USA)
  • PointOne Polaris (USA, Limited EU)
  • Hexagon SmartNet
  • Trimble VRS Now
  • Local Base Operation via Free Casters such as RTK2GO and EasyRTK's public casters

As a cryptographically secure, blockchain based network, GEODNET offers substantial benefits to End-Users, Application Developers, Professional Survey Companies, and Autonomous Vehicle Systems.

Learn about the revolutionary Global Earth Observation Decentralized Network (GEODNET), and the benefits of Real-Time Space Weather Data Collection.