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MobileCM Triple-Band GNSS Base-Station (Space Weather Station)

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Each Base Station is a ready-to-use Geodetic Grade GNSS base-station that acts as an RTK base-station and collects Space Weather data.  The triple-band version mines all three major GNSS frequencies L1, L2 and L5, including all of the international constellation signal variants for a total of 12-bands.  The triple-band base-station features over 1000 tracking channels. This station is fully compatible and approved to operate on the GEODNET network.

This is a full four constellation GNSS basestation with built in NTRIP server functionality. It includes everything needed to get connected including:
    • MobileCM Triple-Band 4 Constellation GNSS Receiver
    • Survey Grade Triple-Band Roof Antennae
    • 9m Antennae Cable
    • WiFi Antennae
    • USB-C Power Cable
    • Mounting Pole (0.3m) and Brackets Included

    MobileCM Triple-Band GNSS Base-Station Data Sheet (Space Weather Station) 

    MobileCM GNSS Base-Station (Space Weather Station) Manual

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