Global Base Stations


    • Traditional "lease" contract
    • Hyfix will provide 100% of the equipment.
    • Hyfix will cover all expenses of the equipment, shipping, customs, pay a $500 installation fee
    • Hyfix will pay host $1000 per year.


    • Location for installation must be desired locations. We will not contact you if your location is NOT on the list.
    • Must have good wifi, no DSL, fiber is the best. We will ask for internet speed test.
    • Clear view of the sky (antenna installation). No taller buildings, trees, etc surrounding.
    • Stable power.



    In addition to regional Miners, the GEODNET network consists of a set of Global Backbone stations. These are used to support global positioning algorithms like the PPP algorithm. PPP can position a boat to centimeter accuracy in the middle of the ocean as an example. These global stations essentially determine the precise Orbit and Clock drift of the satellites and coarse grained correction for Space Weather. This network is similar in scope to a Government Funded network called IGS, however, the GEODNET network is more fully modernized. 

    We are looking to add another 30-50 Global Backbone Base-stations this year. The equipment up is a much larger and heavier box than the MobileCM Miner; and the station is equipped with a wired Ethernet, a back-up cellular connection, as well as a large battery back-up. The antennae lightening and Surge protection is also pre-included in the set up.