HYFIX Technology

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS

HYFIX positioning products and algorithms provide centimeter level precision for both traditional Survey, new IoT applications, and Mobile Device precise positioning.

GEODNET Stations

HYFIX develops receivers specifically to serve as space weather stations for the GEODNET network.


Optional LoRaWAN wireless gateway allows distribution of RTCM corrections over a long-range radio for situations with no Internet. 

Sensor Fusion

Using sensor fusion of IMU, GNSS and other sensor data, HYFIX algorithms can provide precise positioning in GPS challenged environments.

Quectel GNSS Modules

Quectel's LC29 and LC79 Dual-Band GNSS modules run HYFIX EmbedCM algorithms. Support and Customization is available for embedding advanced algorithms in the newest generations of GNSS modules.

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