HYFIX Applications


eMobility & IoT Precise Location

HYFIX EmbedCM software stack supports low-power dual-band GNSS chipsets from ST Micro, Aihora, and Synpatics/Broadcom, as well as turn-key modules from Quectel.  This enables easy integration of precise centimeter accurate location into eMobility, Drones, and other IoT applications.  

Mobile Device RTK, Low-Cost Survey

The HYFIX MobileCM receiver and it EmbedCM positioning engine  stack enables new mobile device ready positioning solutions.  Supporting all four major satellite constellations and a professional dual-band antennae, rapid RTK Fixed convergence is easy. 

Climate Research & Geodesy

High-precision GNSS receivers can provide insight on ground motion, structural motion, and atmospheric science.  Lowering both the cost and power of high-precision by more 10x, HYFIX technology enables new kinds of research studies ... paving the way to new commercial applications for environmental monitoring.

Secure Location

HYFIX is working developing algorithms that leverage the GEODNET network and its decentralized blockchain to provide cryptographically verified location.  Proof of Location may provide physical security to other Blockchain applications such as NFT, DeFi, and DeWi Services.

eMobility Case Study

HYFIX and Lyft worked together using Quectel's LC79 family of modules to develop and improve the location accuracy of eBikes in Downtown San Francisco. The results are detailed in this InsideGNSS article and were published at ION's 2020 GNSS Meeting.

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