Quectel’s LC29H dual-band GNSS module

July 11 2022:   HYFIX.AI announces availability of its Mobile Centimeter GEODNET base-station using Quectel’s LC29H dual-band GNSS module. 

The partnership will reduce the cost and increase the availability of centimeter accurate solutions for Global AIoT Applications.

San Francisco, July 11 2022 –HYFIX.AI a leader in IoT Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and precise location technologies announces the availability of a GEODNET base-station using the LC29H module from Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT solution provider.

The Mobile Centimeter (MobileCM) base-station is a dual-band GNSS base-station for Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) precise-positioning applications in Autonomy, Agriculture, Construction/Survey, Drones and Geo-Science applications.

Introduced at the Institute of Navigation 2021 GNSS Conference, the Global Earth Observation Decentralized Network, GEODNET, received a best presentation award and has rapidly grown since official launch in early 2022. The MobileCM station automatically uploads real-time satellite data to GEODNET via a Wi-Fi-based Internet connection.  The real-time GEODNET coverage map is found at https://console.geodnet.com/map.   MobileCM base-stations are self-hosted and receive GEODNET token rewards while powering both commercial AIoT as well as Citizen Science Climate Change applications. 

The Quectel LC29H module is a surface-mount low-power 135-channel dual-band receiver with cutting edge price-performance.  The LC29H can host both RTK and Dead Reckoning algorithms such as the HYFIX.AI Embedded Centimeter (EmbedCM) stack.  Using GNSS correction from a service such as GEODNET or other network, the LC29H dual-band GNSS modules can achieve position accuracy of 10cm in a variety of real-world conditions. 

The HYFIX.AI MobileCM base-station which embeds the LC29H as well as the ATECC608B CryptoAuthentication engine is simple to install and connect to the Internet.  The included installation kit provides a survey grade triple-band GNSS antenna, primary antenna cable, and roof-top installation hardware.  The base-station is available for $495.

“Quectel is excited to continue its partnership with HYFIX.AI to deliver precise GNSS positioning accuracy of 10cm in the real world using our dual band LC29 family of GNSS modules” said Mark Murray, Vice President of Sales for GNSS and Automotive at Quectel Wireless Solutions.

“HYFIX.AI is pleased to continue support of Quectel’s dual-band LC29 GNSS modules and introduce a new turn-key GEODNET base station for global precise positioning” said Mike Horton, Chief Executive Officer of HYFIX.AI.

For more information on the MobileCM GNSS base-station, please visit https://hyfix.ai

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HYFIX develops a suite of AIoT hardware and software to enable highly accurate position measurement using low-cost GNSS chipsets.  The Mobile Centimeter (MobileCM) receiver family are simple turn-key hardware products, and the Embedded Centimeter (EmbedCM) stack is an embedded RTK and DR engine for low-cost GNSS chipsets including Synaptics, ST and Aihora. https://hyfix.ai


GEODNET is a decentralized network of high-precision multi-band GNSS base stations for AIoT, Geo-Scientific, and MetaVerse applications.  GEODNET stations #MineTheSky for real-time satellite data, and GEODNET is the basis of a new class of distributed SciFi cryptographic sensor networks powered by blockchain.  https://geodnet.com



Quectel GNSS Modules

Quectel's LC29 and LC79 Dual-Band GNSS modules run HYFIX EmbedCM algorithms. Support and Customization is available for embedding advanced algorithms in the newest generations of GNSS modules.

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