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MobileCM Space Weather Station

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MobileCM is a ready-to-use GNSS basestation that will act as an RTK-base station and collect Space Weather data.  The device is pre-configured to securely connect with the Global Earth Observation Decentralized Network (GEODNET) using your home WiFi network.  MobileCM is also a full four constellation GNSS basestation with built in NTRIP server functionality.  This kit includes everything need to get connected including:

  • MobileCM Dual-Band 4 Constellation GNSS Receiver
  • Survey Grade Triple-Band Roof Antennae
  • 10m Antennae Cable
  • WiFi Antennae
  • USB-C Power Cable
  • Mounting Pole (0.3m) and Brackets Included

MobileCM Space Weather Station Data Sheet

Shipments Begin End of January on First-In First-Out Basis.  Lead-times may reach 120 days from order.  Hosts who have contacted GEODNET in advance may receive shipment priority due to their geographic location.  However, HYFIX will ship all orders as quickly as possible.

WARNING:  Online Store WILL  Automatically Charge Your Selected Payment Method at Time of Order.  Shipment Dates are NOT Guaranteed. 

WAITLIST:  If you prefer to be placed on manual Waitlist and pay only when a STATION is actually Ready to Ship, Please CONTACT US  .... you will be contacted by Whatsapp or Email.   In this case, do not order until instructed.